Can anyone tell me why please?

Baby is quite unwell - caught a chest infection a few weeks back and finished antibiotics a week ago. Still very congested sinuses and developed an ear infection with a 40 degree fever and throwing up. Took to a and e. Me and the doc didn't get on well. He agreed she needed more antibiotics but said only about treating ear infection with some antibiotic drops and not the sinus infection and possible uti. I said why and he said if it was my kid I wouldn't want them to have oral antibiotics again and I asked why because this is my first kid and he said ill just prescribe both. He was super moody wouldn't answer anymore questions and left the room after giving the prescription.
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There are a variety of reasons one might not want to give antibiotics. Antibiotics kill off the good bacteria in your gut, repeated exposure to antibiotics can cause antibiotics resistance etc all affecting immune system, cause digestion issues and general health problems. Plus there are loads of other side effects. The problem is some people get any sort of illness and want pills to fix it rather than letting the immune system do it's job. What they are finding is when people do get serious unwell antibiotics won't work. Some doctors are happy to dish out pills like smarties, some know the dangers and choose to be a bit more selective. Most child illnesses run their course and don't need any medical intervention. Worth reading up about, plenty of information online Here is one example x

@Mikaila thank you that's great, I really appreciate the info, good article 👏 I've also just read that fevers lasting 3 or more days need a doc visit Viral fevers should clear up after 3 days (putting this here for my reference later)

No problem. Sorry to hear the doctor was moody with you. Hope your wee one is feeling better soon. X

If you’re not happy with an opinion, you have the right to get another medical professional opinion. He might be worried that too much antibiotics can have some side effects for the child, which I totally agree with. I don’t know if your child need an UTI. What I can advice is always check with the gp. If you’re not happy about the sinuses, check it with the gp. Meanwhile some sea salt nasal spray should do. Bear in mind that bad colds/infections takes time to heal, even after antibiotics. So it might be normal to have blocked nose for a while more. Take care!

Aaww poor bubba. Sorry. Ik it must be stressful for you. Doc just had to explain himself no need for dramas but I suppose they are wary of such situations by now so just wanna get away. It's a wonder you got the 2nd dose tbh. Most never give unless you wear them down. How old is bub?? For reference I'd just say that ensure the chest is always covered and warm at all times especially the 1st year. Don't let the chest get cold. Always have a vest on. Even if you feel it's Warm or hot. I believe this is what enable mine to not have a cold till 15 months for the 1st time.

@Olguta thank you I appreciate that, and will give her a few days of the ear drop antibiotics and see how she does. If I feel like she needs a bit more, I'll go back to the docs

@Lav exactly I just needed a bit more information. She is 10 months, and thanks for the tip with keeping chest warm & wearing a vest. That's really good 15 months before first cold

If she’s really congested I suggest saline spray, followed by sitting in a steamy bathroom with eucalyptus spray, warm shower, Vicks on chest and then a nasal aspirator if you have one. Usually the steamy eucalyptus bathroom is enough for snot to be pouring out my LO’s noses. Sorry your Lo is so unwell and I hope she feels better soon x

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