I’m 37 weeks today and trying to start getting my colostrum but nothing seems to be coming out yet is that normal
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i’m 37 today, i got 1ml yesterday and absolutely nothing today i’ve tried 3 times and all the methods, i think it’s just luck at this point

Oh ok will try again tomorrow

did you try hot shower? warm pads? massaging your breast tissue and slowly squeezing? x

No will try that next time I was just massaging

@Megan ive attached a live demo video

It can take a few attempts to get any, but not everyone will get some, so don’t be too disheartened should you not! Like above as well, do it after a hot shower :)

Don’t stress about it. I couldn’t get any at all with my first baby, I tried every night! But just to reassure you, I had no problems feeding when baby arrived x

Not everyone can express colostrum antenatally, but this doesn’t mean you’ll have any problems feeding as most of the hormones that initiate milk let down are produced when the placenta is released from the body

This the article that I read that made it ‘click’ for me!

I’ve managed 3ml today in my first attempts :)

I was able to collect on Monday, and nothing since… I’m 37/2, and going in for c section on Tuesday x

The only way I got anything was with manual hand pump but it was maybe 10 drops and even that I spilled. (Ask your midwife if its ok for you to use pump as I know some dont like that idea)

Same here . I am on my 37 , tried a few times but no luck…

I had a wee shower first, then warmed nipples up more with a hairdryer/heater before hand expressing- have nipples facing down while you express & your pot there to collect the drops. It took a few minutes to come through but i managed a whole syringe the other night doing this! I think the warmth really helps 🥰 Hope this helps x

Thanks will try this all again today

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