For those who have gone through labor

What snacks or drinks did you pack that you could tolerate while going through unmedicated contractions?
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I packed dried fruit, nuts, jerky and protein bars but didn't end up eating anything until after birth. With the combination of excitement and nervousness and pain I had no appetite and didn't even feel hungry. The hunger hit all at once about an hour or 2 after I gave birth

lol I packed clementines and mini chocolate chip cookies 😂 they were mainly for after though. After my first baby i realized that my brain wasn’t focused on hunger or food at all while going through contractions. I really just sipped on water if I needed it

None the hospital I gave birth at didn't allow me to eat or drink while I was in labor I was only allowed ice chips

Crackers, fruit (bananas, apples, grapes,) the hospital has tons of options in terms of liquid meals like applesauce, ice pops, and jello. Stick to light snacks avoid dairy, spicy foods or anything heavy like carbs. Protein bars and granola bars if you can stomach it and liquid hydration with electrolytes is also great. You won’t have much of an appetite so light is the way to go

For after labor I've packed beef jerky, slim Jim's, liquid IV, pretzels, and popcorn flavored marshmallows. With my first labor I had snacks the hospital provided which was toast, cookies, and jello that my husband spoon fed me between contractions 😅 I'm not sure how much I'll be able to eat this time which is why the stuff I'm bringing is for afterwards.

Okay all kinda what I was thinking! I will probably pack body armor and my mom recommended some lolipops to suck on or hard candies and light snacks.

I could only have broth, juice, water, really any liquid 😭

I delivered yesterday after 28 hours of natural, unmedicated labor. I brought snacks like cheese and crackers, dried fruit, bananas, yogurt, and chocolate banana protein shake. I ended up having zero appetite during labor and really struggled to eat at all. I was really grateful for the protein shake because it was one of the only things I could manage to eat during labor to keep some energy up. I also managed to eat about 1 cheese/cracker. I didn't expect to lose my appetite the way I did. Candies would have been a good idea, I hadn't considered and am not sure if I would have been able to suck on anything, but in hindsight that probably would have been a good option to help with my blood sugar while I was struggling with nausea.

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