Free Nutramigen Burton on Trent

Hi guys my little one has been moved onto SMA Alfamino because her milk allergy is severe. I tried to return 6 tins of unopened Nutramigen to the pharmacy and they said they can’t take it back and to put it in the bin! I really don’t want this milk to go to waste because I know how hard it is to get hold of (especially when you are so desperate). We are in the burton on Trent area can anyone make use of it? Xxx
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Hey hun, if you have a Facebook try to put the same message on the market place. Hopefully someone in need will see it. Too many posts like this get lost on here and like you said, you don’t want it to go to waste. Wish you well on finding a home for those tins!

I tried putting it on Facebook marketplace place and because it’s formula they won’t let me list it 😢 xx

Hey! Is this for nutramigen 1? If so is there any chance you'd post it and I cover the postage please? X

@Yasmin i have 3 tins i think or two of nutramigen LGG 1 if you cover postage i can send x

I have a load of tins of nutramigen 2…. I’ve posted here a few times with no uptake so mine will end up in the bin too

I need nutramigen lgg 1 and happy to cover postage x

@Emma i’ve got two tins if interested c

@Amy yes please! X

@Amy ah bum have I missed my chance? I've only just seen this! X

@Kelly post on Facebook group, loads of people after it, I managed to get rid of a box

@Emma sorry been so busy getting my boys new formula all day been ringing and rushing around to get it if you would like it just send me a message and i’ll find which is the best way to post x

@Yasmin if emma doesn’t reply tonight would you like it?

@Amy yes please! I'm really desperate for it. My dr keeps mucking us about! X

@Yasmin send me a message x

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