Confused! Opinions please

On the 25th April my LH peaked, test to show how strong it was. According to my app AF is 7 days late. Tests are showing BFN, but don’t have any obvious signs AF is showing up either. My cervix has returned to a high and softer position. I do have PCOS however I have been having a regular period now since December. This week I have been feeling tired and nauseous but the office has been warm and I am stressed with work. So it could be that, I’m trying to not look in to it too much. Do you think I should continue testing my LH in case that wasn’t my peak and I’m just late? And how late is too late for a BFP?
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Your ovulation strip is such a good test, you must have been close. Are you using a sensitive test? I’ve read on here some people struggle to detect HCG until a bit later. You could get a blood test with your doctor as they check progesterone too xx

I’ve just used a normal one, it’s just starting to annoy me now! I could go get another test to test first thing. I just want to know. I’ll be happy either way at this point it’s just so I know where I stand!

Get a FRER as they are the most sensitive. You can get them tonight in places like Morrisons and use your FMU. The standard ones are about 5 times less sensitive depending on which ones you have. Let us know how to get on, I just can’t understand why no AF xx

Yeah maybe possible I didn’t release an egg? Who knows!

You don’t usually get a surge with anovulation though so it’s unusual…

Will keep testing and see what happens! If not I’ll contact the gp and see what they say

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