How to keep house tidy/clean with toddler & newborn?!

Honestly, does anyone have any idea or advice on how to do this as I am living in chaos!! I can manage to look after both children, get to nursery or playgroups on time, play with the kids, get food shopping and cook but I just can’t fit in any cleaning. 2.5 year old doesn’t nap and has a late bedtime and newborn likes to sleep on me for most of the evening so I’m finding it impossible. Do I need to get a cleaner?
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Obviously I do laundry too and clean the kitchen each evening/ run the hoover round and wipe over the bathroom but I mean proper cleaning and sorting!!

Mate same issue here, got a cleaner starting tomorrow! No other way that I can see! X

@Jo just out of interest what will your cleaner do and how often? Feels so extravagant but I think it might be essential!

It does feel extravagant! We've just asked her to do bathrooms and floors mainly, like a proper clean rather than the quick wipe over that I do!

@Jo ok that’s useful to know! I might do some research!

My toddler is at nursery three days a week. So on those days I do the housework etc whilst newborn sleeps.

My house has been a 💩 hole since having my now almost 5 year old and I can't afford a cleaner so... God knows 🫠😂

@Jessica that’s what I thought I could do but somehow doesn’t work out for me! My baby has other plans!

We have a cleaner fortnightly and then the other week we have a power hour when both are in bed one evening to keep on top of proper cleaning. We also have a cordless vacuum which is easy to just whizz round, though it seems to mainly be used to clean up the Cheerios my toddler manages to get into every bloody corner of the house.

@Marie that sounds a good idea, maybe will try that! I also have the cordless cheerio hoover but I’m sure as soon as I’ve hoovered the carpet is filthy again…

We have a cleaner once a week for three hours. She does the whole downstairs thoroughly so kitchen, living room/dining room and guest bath room and then does the two upstairs bathrooms thoroughly and runs a hoover through the bedrooms. Often by midday on the day she’s been the living room is a mess again but it’s helps massively having that weekly thorough clean and tidy in the high traffic areas cause there’s only so much dirt and mess than can accumulate in a week where as before I was struggling to do the whole house on a weekly basis. I have four kids the youngest two being 33 months and almost 3 months so toddler and new born stage which is a killer for me - mainly the toddler! I’m in the same boat with managing to do school runs, nursery runs, playgroup, dinner and daily cleaning of kitchen following cooking etc and obviously do laundry and general tidying in between through out the day but there’s no way I’d have enough time or energy to do a thorough clean in one go! 🙈xxx

@Alexandra this sounds amazing, although it’s another expense that we can’t really afford I think it’s a necessity for my state of mind! I beat myself up so much about everything being a mess but it’s not physically possible to get on top of it all while looking after a toddler and newborn. If everything is kept clean then I can try and sort the laundry in the evenings and stay on top of clutter a bit more!

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