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Hi mums 🤍 just wondering, what size clothes are you all buying/looking for on vinted for when bubs arrives and for the newborn phase? Should I look for newborn or 1 - 3 months 😅
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Depends on how big your baby will be. My lil man fits in all different sizes, but he was also born at 9 pounds and 21 inches. Some newborn, 0-3, 3 months, and even 6 months fit him, depending on the brand.

Some 0-3 are so small they are closer to newborn while others are so big they are closer to 3-6. Mine is 1 month and wearing 0-3 but some are almost too small and some are too big. Don't get much newborn as they will probably only wear them for about 2 weeks, depending on how big they are born.

Remember that sizes for babies are "up to x month" so size 0-3 would be up to 3 months on average. 3-6 is up to 6. If just one number then that's the higher number. So 6 m would be in the up to 6. But usually they grow out of them earlier. Mine will probably start transitioning to 3-6 at 2-3 months.

Also you will probably do baby Laundry at least 1 a week so you don't need that many for the early stages

My baby was teeny and even newborn was too big. I’d say start at newborn and buy a bit of everything, they will need it eventually!

Buy a small selection of the smaller sizes and you can always get more if needed. I focused on getting lots of 0-3, a fair amount of newborn and a couple of tiny baby bits - because there was no way we were having a small baby... our LG is 9 weeks and 0-3 absolutely swamps her, even some newborn is too big but tiny baby is now too small length wise. But we had enough to last until we could go out and get some more small sizes or order a few more bits on Vinted.

Next, Primark and Morrisons newborn is all like up to 7.5lbs so that’s small! When you compare to jojo, John Lewis Asda etc being up to 9lb for newborn so just check the labels :).

I say you have no idea what size baby will be so get equal of premie to newborn. I had GDB and was supposed to have a “big” baby I ended up with this tiny 6lb baby who I had nothing to put on him. Even newborn wouldn’t fit. He was in tiny baby for the first two months xxx

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