I’m unsure what to do with my two dogs. My dog just nipped at my 8 month old son. I try and keep him away but all 3 of them always want to be around each me or each other. Is there a baby training they could go through? I don’t feel getting rid of them is necessary they’re both rescues my heart feels so bad to give them to the pound or how long it will take for someone to adopt them. My other dog will run my son over if he sees food or hears the other one barking he hit his head multiple times when they run him over. They are acting out like 💩 in the house, peeing etc. I started separating them and keeping them outside but one of them has bad anxiety and will cry all day any minute he’s outside. I need advice.
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Could you take them to a behavioral course? Some of them do boarding for the dogs to teach them how to handle new situations for some time.

Definitely sounds like you might need to talk to your vet and get a trainer/behavioralist involved!

they have boarding schools for them

Any success stories or price wise how much these things cost? I feel like 1000 is efficient but over that is pretty crazy

Following because I have a very similar situation

You definitely need to try a behavioral course and speak to a vet about this, my dog was like this and we had to put her down bc she randomly attacked my brother while we was all watching a movie and led him to have to go to the hospital and he had to get stitches all over his face and now has a fear of dogs

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