Best brand for tracking ovulation?

I have pcos and I want to start tracking my ovulation more closely and looking for any recommendations on brands to get I’ve looked at a few on Amazon and found pregmate and easy@home I’d love any feedback 🫶🏼 thank you!
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I would always recommend easy@home! Especially bc you can use the Premom app with it and it will calculate your strips x


Easy@home is my go to!

@Georgie yess I like that it comes with an app!

@Shandrie thank you!

@faith going to look that one up!

It honestly depends on whether you have elevated LH levels or not. Most people with PCOS have elevated LH which make ovulation strip tracking unreliable as it will consistently show two lines and make it difficult to work out your peak. I’ve never had a positive ovulation strip, yet I’ve fallen pregnant twice. Basal body temperature tracking and using an app like Fertility Friend is a good alternative and there are loads of YouTube videos which tell you how to accurately track this. There are other BBT trackers like OvuSense on the market too. If you like the idea of daily testing, Mira is also a great alternative that will give you a good idea of lots of different hormones and where you’re at with your cycle.

@Naomi oh this is awesome! My cousin was telling me about the thermometer one too just trying to find something reliable but budget friendly right now too. I’ll look into mira haven’t heard of that one either! 💕

@Jessica I’d recommend basal body temping to start. The fertility friend app is also free. Mira can be expensive, but worth looking into if you’ve been trying for a while

@Naomi okay cool I haven’t started trying we just started having convos about children and it being something we may be thinking about but I wanna see where I’m even at with my ovulation first that’s not crazy expensive. I’ll look at the BBT and the fertility friend app! We won’t start trying till beginning of 2025 so just trying to dip my toe in the water since I have pcos and not sure where my body’s even at

@Naomi this is reassuring I have PCOS and I don’t seem to have a positive ovulation test but my actual symptoms make me believe I am ovulating but I’ve always put myself of due to the test strip saying I’m not

@Arosa this is exactly what I’m curious to know! Like what if me in ovulation is very low and not as high or fertile as I think! 🤔

@Jessica I think that’s a wise idea, good to establish whether you’re ovulating or not and then you can always introduce supplements / lifestyle changes if needed 😊

@Arosa oh hun ditch the strips in that case then. They were a total waste of time for me! I used OvuSense to conceive instead which is a BBT monitor worn overnight. Much more reliable!

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