I’m really really struggling with my 16 month old and brushing her teeth. It is such a huge effort, she literally screams and won’t let me near her with the tooth brush. I’ve tried to make it a positive experience and such but I literally have to pin her down. Tonight her tooth bled, I’m not sure if that’s because I’m brushing them too hard, or that I’m not doing it properly. Does anyone else have any tips? I can barely brush them for 20 seconds and I’m so worried they’re going to rot!
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I brush my teeth at the same time as my son and give him his toothbrush so he can do it himself first (he just chews mainly he tries to go back and forth but can’t do it properly yet 🤣) but he then lets me hold the toothbrush and do it for him after he’s tried first! I also sing a song while doing it which he loves I just make one up about teeth brushing 🤣 x

Mine only lets me do it in the bath, I get her to brush my teeth first then I make a “shh shh shh” noise as she does it and shel let me do hers for a few seconds then I make it a big deal and clap then she lets me do it again then I’ll clap again, she gets so excited when I clap It’s definitely harder to do when she’s not in the bath

You’re not alone. I used to be able to brush them myself but now only he can have the toothbrush and all he does is suck off the toothpaste and then wave it around everywhere and putting it in everything that’s not his mouth 🥲. Haven’t been able to brush them for weeks because that’s all he does, I’m stuck also 🤣, if I try it results in a HUGE meltdown

I find making it a game helps with my twins, so I sing to them, tell them to say cheese and get them to do big smiles, they sometimes don’t let me do it properly but most of the time they like doing it. Also after I’ve had a scrub, I let them “brush” their own teeth which they just chew on it really 😂 mine are 16 months

@Amber dont worry too much about it. I dont think the tooth will rot because of it. Hygiene is important of course but more important is the genetics and the diet. To help,maybe find toothpaste with a taste she likes. It worked for us. My son gum just bleed this evening (i was in tears) but uts because he is still teething and he didn't even notice it. You will get there.

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