Feel like a bad Mom 😞

I accidentally fell asleep on the couch holding my 6 week Baby, and he slid/fell (wasn't far) off me and was on the floor I picked him up as soon as he slid off, I feel so horrible, he looks fine and fell right back asleep I was just so tired I zonked out for a few minutes, I never fall asleep with him on me, I always put him in his bed 😩😭
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It’s okay mom! My baby is a week old, almost two weeks, and the amount of times I’ve fallen asleep holding him is ridiculous. He’s slipped from me a few times but I’ve managed to catch him. And immediately put him in his bassinet. You’re not a bad mom. Mistakes happen ❤️

@Amaya we have hard cold floors 😞 I just pray he's okay, he cried but fell asleep when I held him

We've all been there. We're exhausted. He probably cried because he was startled more than anything

Mama, don't stress it. We've ALL done something like that before. As mother's we ARE VERY EXHAUSTED.

Done it ✔️ Don't stress too much momma, you're doing great. The fact that you're sharing your concerns shows you're an amazing mom. 👏🏻 🙏🏻

WE ALL HAVE BEEN THERE! I did it twice at the hospital and TWICE at home my baby girl didn’t slide or anything but I still felt guilt for me even falling asleep without putting her in her co sleeper !! And both times my mom or my oldest son was able to catch me before I could roll on top of her slide so God was truly looking out for me! 🙏🏾 God got you and baby!!! It’s OK! People have done it for AGES! It’s OKKKK give yourself grace 💋 just take it as a warning & do it better next time

@Kara Pennington very exhausted!!!!

We have all been there. No parent is perfect. Don't beat yourself up

@Emily your baby fell as well?

Oh yeah, has rolled off the couch when she was a baby. She was fine though, cried for a minute while I consoled her.

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