What are your little one’s favorite toys right now? Looking for suggestions of both indoor and outdoor and my little guy seems to be getting bored with what he has.
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My son is the same way. He really likes the big building blocks and we have an alphabetical foam mat outside which he enjoys walking on and pulling apart. I started cycling toys weekly so he wont get bored of them all.

Definitely recommend cycling the toys! We got my LO a water table and the 15 dollar pool at Target. She played in the pool for 2 hours!!! Her favorite indoor toy in the activity book with foam velcro pieces.

We have this fisher price hammer toy that she can hammer down on pegs and then flip it upside, and all the pegs are up. We also have this ball that has knobs, clickers, switches, and fidget spinner. She loves music and has a little piano and little drum set. For outside we have bubble machines, splash pad and a water table. I try to change out her toys so she doesn't get bored. Then I re-introduce, and it's like she never played with it before 😆

Whatever he finds in the kitchen drawers lol. I just swap out the stuff in the bottom drawer for him every few days with things like… bottle parts & pieces, a bunch of hand towels and pot holders, various kitchen gadgets - the steamer basket was a real hit 😂 This age is all about exploring new and novel objects. Better to let them play with every day items than spend a fortune on toys 🤷🏻‍♀️

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