Car Rides

Hey mamas I believe my 3 week old has reflux and I’m anxious that car rides will continue to be a nightmare 😢😭 Any tips for managing or helping baby get used to them (he’s only been in the car for short rides to the hospital when he was first born for jaundice so it’s been a couple of weeks and he cried the whole journey to and from his older brother’s childminder)?
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I bought a little Seaquarium toy to attach to the headrest and my baby loves it. It plays music and has cute lights and toys

I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Mine also has silent reflux and was the same until about 5 months. I ended up distracting her with baby programs on my I pad and nursery rhymes. We also bought a more upright car seat. Hope this helps. She still has severe reflux but she now sleeps most car rides.

Yes that’s the toy!

Oh amazing @Val thank you!!

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