Flying advice needed!

Has anyone flown with their babies yet? I’m flying with my nine month old (plus my four year old) this week. I think I’ve got entertainment for the four year old covered but just thought I need to think about the baby too!
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We’ve flown with our twins last month when they were 8 months, plus our 3 year old. For the baby, hopefully they will nap for some of it! Just take a few toys. Ours loved taking it all in, trying to eat the safety card, and playing peekaboo with other passengers 😂 x

I did a 3 month trip with my 4 year old and my 5 month old who was 8 months when we came back. 15 aeroplanes!

We recently did a 4h flight with then 8.5 month old. He slept through the first half and has happy eating melty sticks and having 3 nappy changes (suffered from diarrhea) in the remaining 2h

Thank you! You’ve given me hope 😂

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