Cat fleas

I’m stressing, found fleas in cat and now they are everywhere. Been vacuuming and mopping last two days and I’m so tired. I have a newborn and my toddler is bitten badly and I have bites marks on my legs too . Any advice on how to get rid of these. I ordered the spray from Amazon it’s coming tonight
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I used flea bombs you just need to be out the house for the day while they work and probably need to leave windows open afterwards and deffo look into if babies can be exposed to it etc x

This happened to my sister. She used the bombs too, I think 1 or 2 each for upstairs and downstairs and treated the cats with flea treatment. From memory her kids were young at the time under 2yrs but I would also double check the products you use are baby safe! nurse here 👋 You need to treat the cat to kill the living flea. Over the counter products such as frontline will kill the flea but won't sterilise the egg (stop it from hatching) so I'd advise a prescription treatment from your vet. Also make sure you treat your house thoroughly with a spray. I'm not familiar with the bombs that others talked about they may be worth a try but I can recommend a product called Indorex for treating the house. Make sure you keep house well ventilated. Hoover 2hours after and put your heating on to help eggs hatch out..the more fleas you see the better (gross I know) boil wash your bedding /cat beds etc at 95degrees. Make sure you treat the whole house not just rooms your cat lives in..some ppl think they aren't capable of climbing upstairs.. 🙄😂

Treat the cat - Broadline is a good one I've used before. R.I.P Fleas spray and Zero In Ultra Power Pest Killer are both really good. RIP is an aerosol so definitely need to air out and avoid the house after spraying and wear a mask. The Zero In you can pick up at Screwfix usually same day and is more of a mist spray so does need airing out but doesn't sit in the air as much. We would spray and vacuum every other day for about 2 weeks just to be sure (we didn't even have pets but a neighbour cat let themselves, and the fleas, in to our flat).

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