Witchy names

What are some witchy names for boys and girls please? Thank you
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Sybil (trewlaney from Harry Potter)

🩷 Luna Willow Sabrina Esme Lavinia 💙 Spike Xander Salem Merlin Lucius

Burley is a place in the new forest linked with witches :)

Merlin Warlock 🧙‍♂️ Morloch Harry Ogion Ged Draco Voldemort Sirius Hedwig Lucius Salem Bellatrix Hermoine Morrigan or Morgan Maleficent Sabrina Laveau Hecate Circe Medea Freyja Dayans

I named my daughter Amunet after the Egyptian Goddess. We also have a cat called Amethyst, one called Sapphire and another called Galaxy.

Lithadora Petra Dahlia Cedar Phlox Cosmo

Lilith Sage

I’m First Nations Mi’kmaq Indian and named my son Kenai 💙

Jasper black. And now on the way is Violet black

Lillith Blair Samira Luna Juniper Sage Onyx Opal Salem Constance Stella Jade

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