Favorite Diapers??

Has anyone tried the dyper diaper brand? Did you like it? Personally my favorites are Huggies snug and dry with the poop barriers and pamper leak proof with the barriers on the back also! the worst kind I’ve found to be were the honest diapers, rascal and friends, LUVS and mama bear as they do not trap in the pee smell, and wouldn’t have a barrier in the back to trap in blowouts, these were just AWFUL. What’s your fav brand?
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I like Huggies little snugglers and then the Kirkland or Huggies little movers as a #2. But those little smugglers just seem to fit the best

@Jessica how is the Kirkland brand? What is it in comparison to?

We have used huggies and honest with our daughter. She is petite and long so we have had to go back and forth because she is still in size 1 and the huggies are too big around her legs. The honest diapers fit her best right now. We are hoping to transition to the huggies we have soon. We have not had blowout issues with either of these since she was a few weeks old.

I really like rascal and friends and I know they don't trap the pee smell but it's because they're a cleaner diaper and don't have most of the bad stuff in it that other diapers have. I also love terra but they're pretty expensive being a bamboo diaper. I'm on the hunt for a diaper that keeps my son as dry as possible because his penis gets stuck to his balls cause the pee gets in there and that spot is very red and irritated ☹️

I’ve used huggies when my baby boy was born then pampers and tried Millie moon for a bit, which were great but the sizing was horrible. I’ve only had like 3-4 blowouts he’s only 4 months, I would for sure say pampers has been a favorite

@Ashley awww poor thing 🥺

@Alicia yeah it’s Huggies and pampers for me, haven’t found something else that’s just as good

Love coterie… they are SUPER absorbent and super soft for babies skin… trap blowouts well also in our experience! Other than that I’m a fan of the Huggies little snugglers

I like the dyper brand! I had the white ones. I had no issues with blowouts or anything like that. My baby is wider so those work for him. I personally like super, hello hello, I use Huggies special delivery, I’m using honest right now, and they are okay, mostly like them for their ingredients. But they are on the skinner side so I tend to size up. Sometimes he leaks at night but not a lot. I mostly choose a brand of super based on the ingredients of the diaper.

@Caitlyn does the dyper brand have the blowout barrier in the back?

@Johanca R. I don’t think they have it at the back top waist band just the sides, I tend to change my baby every 2-3 hours anyways and catch any blowouts pretty early so I haven’t had the issue of it traveling up the back compare to other diapers. But I love the feeling of them and with the tabs for securing they are like other diapers, but they also have like a sticky tape that helps secures them even more! I just don’t like the wipes they stink lol. I haven’t tried the charcoal version though so they might be a bit different

@Caitlyn haha! Thanks for the wipes heads up! I won’t be buying their wipes

@Johanca R. They are pretty high waisted also compare to other diapers. So I think that’s how they help prevent the blowout going upwards!

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