Making a fuss about eating all of a sudden?

Anyone else’s LO gone through or going through a fussy stage about going in there high chair and spitting food out? It’s a meltdown at every meal all of a sudden. Any ideas welcome! Everything seems a battle and sick of using screen time to get through everything! Xx
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Yes! My LG has gone soooo fussy with her food and resists getting in her chair all the time. I have to show her her plate to signify it’s meal time 😅

Oh yeah this stage was really tough for me and even now days are hit and miss but we’ve eaten on the floor many times. Sacked off the highchair for a few days and we all sat on the floor and ate tea. It passed after about a week and now back in the highchair eating all meals. X

The high chair is the enemy right now. Sometimes I take him out and sit him on my lap or for snacks just put it on a low table. We may try one of those boosters for a normal dining chair soon

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