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How much does everyone’s 3 month old girl weigh? Just curious my girl is 12lb 2oz
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Mine gets weighed tomorrow at her jabs, so ill let you know

My 10w old was 12lbs 6. Haven't had him weighed since (he's now coming up 15w so god knows how heavy he is now!) he's a long boy 😂.

11lb 6oz

My girl was 13lb at 9 weeks 😅. Will be weighed again next week at her 12 week jabs.

@Bekah aww big girl! 😄

3 months tomorrow and was weighed today at 9lb 5oz. She's sitting just above 0.4 centile and doing really well considering we only discovered a tongue tie just over a week ago. She's stayed around 0.4 centile since a few days after birth so is generally little anyway.

15lb 2oz at 12 weeks 🙈

14lbs 2oz at 14 weeks - roughly 70-75th percentile

My girl is 14lb4oz at 10weeks+1day 🙈😅

My little boy is 3months now and 9lb 8oz

She was 11lb 10 when weighed at 13 weeks

13 weeks at 12lb 3oz - 50th percentile

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