This may seem small to most but it really gets to me

I don’t like when people hold my son when they’ve just come in from smoking. It’s happened on more than one occasion and I just sound like a broken record. Today for example.. my dad was smoking in the garden I was upstairs getting dressed, then I heard him with my son so I came downstairs, there he was holding my child whilst my mum goes out to smoke.. they both know how I feel about it but nothing changes 😭
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I think it’s a very valid thing, and definitely not small. I think I’ve been so chill with everything when it’s come to my baby, but this is the only one rule I do have. If someone smokes and then want to hold baby they have to change top/take jacket off, spray and wait atleast 15 mins. Second hand smoke lingers for ages and it’s really harmful!

The thing about boundaries is they have to have a consequence. If they aren’t gonna follow your rules, don’t allow them to hold the baby.

Definitely not a small thing, I’m very sensitive to smoke and the smell of it, so I wouldn’t want it around my baby either.

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