Car sickness in toddlers

Is anyone else going through this my 18 month old gets car sick and throws up like a grown adult we have tried to have him forward facing taken his tablet away we have also tried the back facing and taken his tablet away to see if that would help but he gets sick everytime
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You could maybe try those wrist bands for travel sickness to see if it makes a difference. My younger brother used to get car sick when using devices in the car so we took them away, he eventually grew out of car sickness when he got older. It's awful though, we used to keep a little bin in the car and leave quite a bit of time before his last meal and getting in the car.

Hi my son is 2 this month and also struggling with car sickness. I contact gp but they send me to pharmacy again they send me to gp. I will try again to see gp as at pharmacy they said that gp should prescribe something

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