Dr Brown bottles

Been using MAM bottles since birth- baby is 3 months old, has reflux that seems to be getting worse and seems to really struggle latching properly to the bottle and has done for ages which I think is partly causing the reflux. Think he could potentially also have lip or tongue tie which I am going to get looked at but in the meantime I am thinking about switching to Dr Brown bottles or at least trying one to see if any difference- anyone got experience with these bottles / been in a similar situation and seen an improvement?
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We switched to these!! Noticed such a difference!!! X

This might be completely unrelated but my boy struggled latching onto the bottle because he found the milk really thin? We use carobel milk thickener which works wonders. He takes a size 2 teat with no problem and the carobel works wonders for his reflux!! We’ve tried gaviscon, omeprazole etc which didn’t agree xx

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