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Need some advice or help if others are going through the same thing! I’ve always been a bit of a germaphobe, Covid definitely made it worse but since having the baby I’ve gotten worse. It’s mostly toward our dog to be honest. He’s never been allowed upstairs but I just don’t want him in the living room or the kitchen. We bought a new rug because he used to play on our old one with his toys and it just got all smelly and horrible! He has gingivitis atm too so his breath is awful smells fishy (my husband trying to brush his teeth everyday on advice from the vet) which contributed to the rug smelling. So now we have a new rug and the baby I’m so hung up over it. I just don’t want him near anything to do with the baby. I find him super gross now and just see him a walking germ/parasite. How do I get out of this mindset?! And has anyone else felt the same toward their dog since having a baby?! I know dogs are great for babies for allergies etc but it still doesn’t make me want him on the rug, or near the babies play gym etc. 😩😩 I just can’t see us keeping him at this point. Feel like he’d be better off with another family who will embrace him.
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It’s sad to ready this tbh. Dogs are not toys but part of the family. They have feelings and shouldn’t be chucked away once we get bored of them. We also have a dog and since bringing a baby home we’ve been making sure she doesn’t come to close or lick my LO. I’m sure they will be great friends soon and can’t wait to see them play in some time.

@Magdalena no where in my message did it say he’s a toy or that we’re bored of him? Or we’re chucking him away 🤨 i was asking how to get out of the mindset of seeing him as walking germs. I said he’d be better off with another family because we love him and want him to have people who don’t care about the germs etc like i do. So your response was incredibly unhelpful and rude. Please read messages properly before responding

You said that since having a baby you find him super gross etc. your message doesn’t read he is loved unfortunately. what I meant is that when you decide to have an animal it should be forever. sorry, but I’m very protective over animals. Whatever you do I hope he won’t be hurting. With regards to germs, children that are brought up with dogs tend to have less allergies and better immune system so I wouldn’t worry about it so much :)

@Magdalena not always the case! I’d rather rehome him to people who will adore him than keep him forever and force myself to want to? That’s even more cruel in my opinion!

I think I read it the same way as Magdalena did unfortunately 🫣 I wouldn't worry about the germs. Germs are good and will help the immune system! Soon your baby will be eating food off the floor/ sticking toys in their mouth that have been on the floor! I watched my mates kid lick a window after the dog licked it, she's alright 😂

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