Choosing where to move

Salam! My husband and I currently live in long island ny but are trying to decide if we want to relocate or stay where we are. Any places in the USA that you guys can suggest? Family friendly and large muskim community is a must :) we love the east coast but are pretty open to where ever!
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Washington is absolutely beautiful I've lived there before but sadly had to move. Insha Allah I will end up living there!

Beautiful hiking spots. It honestly to me would be the perfect weather especially as a hijabi in the summer (I currently live smack dab in the desert that gets up to 109) it's so green out there and just overall a really beautiful place

Walaikum Assalaam! I also live in long island and planning on moving once my husband's contract for work is over. We are really interested in Allentown PA. Cost of living is less and there's a huge muslim community (ppl say it's going to be the next dallas). New Jersey is also another option. It's diverse and has a lot of active masjids. My family lives in central jersey and my nieces and nephews are in a lot of programs

Dallas is where it’s at!

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