hello all I live in a posh ish area, and feel like i’m going to be judged when i go out with my little one, just by the way i dress my boy, the pushchair i use as its not a relay expensive one. not having the latest brand clothing. anyone else feels this way, making me not wanting to go out?
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I don’t think I’ve ever paid attention to what another persons pram looks like other than to go “oh look same brand as mine” most of the time we are our own worse critics you’ll be fine and if anyone is judging it’s only a reflection of them not you

Honestly I feel the same way. I rarely leave the house except on days I take the kids to do activities. Most the time they are dressed well (by well I mean clean clothes, hair combed, teeth brushed). I try to think of it more so as, when we go out for anything at some point we will end up at the park before heading home for the night so we wear anything except our Sunday bests. My daughter will either stroll around a onesie or bear suit most the time.

I don’t think anyone judges! Lots of “posh people” buy clothes on vinted and supermarkets and lots of “not so posh people” buy designer gear, each to their own. As long as clean and clothed you’ll be fine don’t get in your head about it to much x

@Belle this, the only reason I would be looking at someone else's pram or what their kid is dressed in, is because I think it's cute 😂

I think this is one of those things where you have to recognise your insecurities for what they are, put them to one side and not let them stop you from giving your child the opportunity they deserve to go out and about. Honestly most people are too busy with their own lives to notice what pushchair you have and if they’re going to judge you based on that then they’re incredibly shallow and their opinion doesn’t matter.

Unless you’ve had comments face-to-face I really don’t think people are judging you and it’s an insecurity that you have. Most of us walk by with no thought in our heads except what we gonna buy to cook for dinner, shit I’m gonna be late for school pickup, is he alseep yet, omg did I turn off the hair straightener 🤨 we have a million thoughts in our heads as mums I’m sure we’re all too busy (even walking) to judge other mums like that and even if they did, you do you. Don’t let it stop you from living your life by what you think others think of you.

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