Increased movement cause for concern?

I’m 33 weeks wasn’t getting any braxton hicks till yesterday and they came on quite strong had them throughout the afternoon but along with it baby has started moving more. Today the kicking has been non stop and I’m still getting the BH but not quite as strong as they were yesterday. I know it’s usually decreased movement that they say to call for but I’m starting to getting worried about all the kicking, baby doesn’t seem to have taken a break! Ive felt really light headed today too. Should I call MU or does it sound normal for 33 weeks?
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I've been told to call MU for reduced and increased movements so I'd say definitely give them a call if you're worried. But if it puts you at ease in the meantime I went in for reduced movements on Sunday and yesterday mine was non stop the whole day and back to normal now today so if can be like that sometimes for me but that's my baby's movements

I had this on Sunday baby did not stop moving for at least 4 hours, I called triage and they said to come in, typically the minute they hooked me up to the CTG he went to sleep for about 20 mins! They did say when I was there that babies are so sensitive and it could simply be something you’ve eaten or drank, but that sometimes baby being ‘too hyper’ isn’t always a good thing and always best to get checked 😊. They didn’t seem worried in the slightest when I called and were laughing and joking about baby having a party so I’m sure it’s quite common and all will be fine for you! X

@Emily thank you I think I’m going to give them a call as I’m feeling more and more lightheaded and nauseous 😕

How did you get on? X

@Emily hi I called they said come in had an hour on the monitor baby barely bloody moved but contractions were 3 in 10 not strong enough to be considered active labour though and cervix closed 🙏🏼 I’m glad I went for the peace of mind but also when they measured me my measurement was totally off from what my midwife had plotted on the growth chart and was below 3rd centile so I’m back on Saturday for a growth scan x

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