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I asked my mom to organize my shower as early as possible because i’m scared of going into labor early and have nothing ready + the longer we wait i’ll have less energy to organize the room… i’m going on my 32 week and my baby shower is not for another month. I’m kinda mad 😩
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Another month???? I'd be mad too. You're considered to be full term at 37 weeks and usually people have baby showers so they know what they need to go and buy themselves. Does she realise she's leaving it very, very late?

@Stephanie yeah i specifically told her i wanted it before 37 weeks and she put it at 35 🥲 i’ll have a good 3 weeks to buy everything that i need that i wont receive + nesting while not stressing out 😩

@Stephanie my cousin just had her shower and she’s due 2 weeks later than i am

I had mine at 35 weeks and all went well 😊 don’t stress too much. Start getting small things ready from now x

I had mines at 35 month It’s not bad at all

Bruh I went into labor at 35+5 the day of my (surprise) baby shower. Tell her to move it UP😭😭😭

Stress levels for things like this are different for everyone. You feeling stressed and irritated about it is very valid. I planned my own and had it on Sunday, one of my main thoughts was “why do we wait until 3rd trimester to do these things?” It was extremely stressful and IM THE ONE WHO PICKED THE DATE!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ do your best to shop ahead and just fill online carts with what you need/want. Ask ahead for helping set up (nursery/nesting parties are a thing) and do your best to not worry about the things you cannot control. 💜

Had mine at 35+4 and had section at 37+1 due to GD! I also made and gave out my amazon wish list for people to buy from so I knew it was things I needed/wanted and banned all 0-6 clothes as had loads already 🤣

I had mine at 36 weeks 😅 didn’t get the nursery done but a few days before I gave birth at 38 weeks. Everything’s fine, a lot of people started asking me if I needed things that I didn’t have and it made it easier

@Leah i wish i could but we have family that comes from different places and had to book their plane ticket 😩

@Kayleigh i made a list too, but my mom and MIL decided to ask for the money and buy it themselves ( which is great in surface ) but i won’t have everything and i dont know what they’re gonna get. I asked my mom for a specific breastpump and i put emphasis on it and she went and got another one not even close to what i asked, so i have a strong feeling that the list won’t matter 😖

@SeaSea i asked my mom to put the shower for june ( the 8th ) because my FH’s family have a bunch of thing to do on july and I didn’t want to stress about it and i wanted plenty of time to organize my stuff

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