Baby and solids question

If your baby refuses the food you've given them do you just wait until their next meal or offer something else? Gave my LG pasta fr lunch she had the tiniest bit then just refused any more. So I gave her some toast and avocado and she ate everything. She's had the pasta before so I know she likes it. My mum said if I do that she'll be a fussy eater but I just think she was hungry but wanted something different? Thoughts
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I struggle with this too and end up giving him fruit and yoghurt (which I would have given after anyway) when he stops eating and gets grouchy. Worried I give in too easily but otherwise he just shouts at me and gets really wound up trying to get out of his high chair.

I personally always offer something else. I'm really not convinced that will make them a fussy eater!

Wait until the next meal. He's under 1 so nutrients come from milk still, and I'm not starting the making something else game 😂

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