Is anyone else ravenous?

I feel like I can't stop eating. Nothing is hitting the sides. The other day I finished a bowl of Mac and cheese and felt actual rage because the portion wasn't twice as big. I've already had two bowls of fruit, a sandwich, a small plate of fried rice, a bag of crisps, and a smoothie today and I just keep thinking about going out for another snack! Am I alone in my big backedness?!
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I feel you! I have eaten breakfast, snacks and my dinner and just sat and ate a box of bread sticks with Nutella and still don’t feel satisfied 😭

All. The. Time. 😭🤣 I feel awful but I can't stop eating. I had a full big bag of popcorn after lunch🤣

Yep 100% and no food I have in the house seems to satisfy 🤣

Omg I'm the same! Had stir fry for lunch and had to go back for seconds 🤣 also had 2 pieces of cake and I could definitely eat more 🙈🤣 glad it's not just me!

Y'all I just grabbed some mozzarella sticks for a pre dinner snack 😋 and I've told my husband they my craving is anything that costs over £12 and was made in a restaurant 😂

Sounds completely normal 🙌🏼🙌🏼 But what you eat plays a big role, not the ammount. If you have a white toast with jam or butter and cheese for breakkie, you will be hungry quicker than if you had a bowl of porridge with fruits for example. Complex carbs are important in pregnancy, especially the fibre in it to support you and baby and it prevents diabetes as well. I struggle with complex carbs during summer as not feeling any hearty meals like lentils, quinoa, porridge. But I do buy rye bread and eat wholewheat pasta. Forgot to add last night I cooked pumpkin fresh gnocchi just with butter and cheddar and cellery sticks and 2hrs later had seconds 😄😄

Also if you freeze then defrost and toast bread apparently it's supposed to mean it takes longer to digest - same with a lot of starchy foods For me I'm hungry but oh WOW the heartburn. The heartburn is insane

definetly! and baby wants sweet stuff 🙈


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