My little girl isn't gaining weight and I've been advised to start pumping and supplementing her feeds. What's a good double electric pump? I feel a bit overwhelmed. Any other tips?
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I use the Medela freestyle. It’s very good and comes with 2 sizes of Falanges

i’ve just got the momcozy s12 pro and it’s brilliant, many many good reviews x

I recommend following Olivia Hinge, Lucy Webber and Kathryn Stagg on instagram, they’re all IBCLCs who give out so much helpful information in regards to breastfeeding. Have you had any support from the infant feeding team? If you can afford to see your local IBCLC, I would highly recommend. No advice on pumping as I never got on with it, but triple feeding is hard and having some extra support with it might be a good idea.

Also, lots of skin to skin to encourage feeding. I saw somewhere your house should be like National Geographic magazine in the first few weeks…boobs out all the time 🤣

@Lauren yes I'm seeing our infant feeding team and they're really helpful, just intimidated by adding pumping on top of all the feeding on demand right now.

@Hattie I can imagine it’s quite overwhelming. I hope it improves quickly for you 🤞

I love my momcozy s12 pro, so easy to use and I'm able to do other stuff whilst pumping xx

Momcozy s12 pro x

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