Prawn kushiyaki

Hi I am looking for advice on what to do! I am 36 +6 weeks pregnant and I went to Wagamamas for lunch with my grandad and ate some prawns! Not sure if allowed to eat them as they seemed cooked but not sure how cooked! Should I call triage ?
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They should be properly cooked, I think you would be able to tell if it was uncooked so I wouldn’t worry too much. It’s the skewers right?

I wouldn’t worry - it’s a big chain restaurant and will be on top of food hygiene. if you feel fine you probably are!

As long fresh meats are cooked ul be fine xxx

omg no you don’t need to call triage! what are they going to do - pump your stomach. it’s fine

No you don’t need to call triage. You are allowed to eat cooked prawns and with it being a large chain they have set temperatures that they have to cook everything too

@Yasmin Yeah it was ! I ate them and then went into panic mode like omg I shouldn’t have done that!😅

You can absolutely eat cooked prawns and in restaurants especially chain ones they have to be cooked to a certain temperature you will be absolutely fine as long as you feel fine xx

You can eat prawns. I don’t know anyone who would eat a raw prawn, pregnant or not pregnant and no where would serve raw prawns X

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