I am 20 DPO I keep getting faint lines on my tests. The lines are not getting darker. I am 5 days late. I have contacted my doctor for bloodwork but anyone else think I should be stressed?
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First, it is not fair for people tell you to not be stressed. Of course it is stressful! Now I tracked one of my babies, and some days I couldn't see much difference. Bloodworks is the best way to tell how things are. Hope you get a supportive nurse when taking the blood. While you wait, try to fill your time with what brings you joy as much as you can. Time will pass anyway, and your answer will come 💙

My test were super faint the first month ish with my girl that is here and helthy but my faint lines disappeared within a few days with my 2 chemicals... I'd definitely talk with your Dr about any concerns youre having but otherwise it's too early to start stressing especially if the lines aren't getting fainter...

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