Rib pain

I’m 28 weeks pregnant now and from about 19 weeks I’ve experienced rib pain in my right hand side. This has gotten significantly worse the last few days especially when I’m sat or laid down. I saw midwife today and blood pressure and no protein in urine so didn’t think it was pre eclampsia but it’s left me so fed up and upset as to what is causing this pain 😔 has anyone else experienced this or similar? She said the baby felt low down so doesn’t think it’s him but I really don’t know where to turn anymore.
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I have the same.. it think it's due to rib expanding.

I get quite a lot of pain under my ribs, I’ve found it to be largely connected to eating. Are you eating large meals etc? Baby may be low down but your uterus is still expanding and pushing everything upwards.

Same here, rib pain on right hand side, especially when sitting and driving, only thing that helps is reclining/wrapping my pregnancy pillow around my waist, and doing a few cat/cows with my pregnancy ball. Haven’t found anything to prevent it though!

I had rib pain so bad I went to a and e and got diagnosed with costoconristos (probs the wrong spelling) but basically cause by HG

@Lauryn I haven’t noticed a pattern but it could be getting worse after eating! I’ll try and see if It does appear to make it worse !

@Emily yes the driving is the worst! Im wondering if it’s going to be like this until birth now it’s so awful 😣 will try some of those techniques to help manage the pain thank you. !

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