Anyone else’s LO not been to the dentist yet? My LG has 8 teeth and 1 molar just poking through, feel like I should really take her but I’ve no idea how they would even get to look in her mouth as I can’t even get in there myself to have a look??
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The first dental visit is recommended by 12 months of age, or within 6 months of the first tooth coming in. My LO had her first dentist visit at 1yo. She only had two teeth at the time. She sat on my lap and the dentist merely ran their finger along her upper gum and lower gum. They tried putting my LO at ease by playing with her and letting her touch their rubber gloves. I think the first few visits they just try get the baby used to having their mouth and teeth touched. The dentist gave me some advice on how to best care for her baby teeth.

@Kate Thank you! I haven’t been able to get her in to a dentist

We went at 6 months when the first tooth popped

I’ve been twice with my little girl and both times the dentist didn’t see her teeth at all 🤣 it’s just to get them used to the environment but I don’t think mine is anyyyy more used to it

I haven't taken her. Not sure I'm ready for any drama. But I'll be considering it soon as she's having lots of teeth now.

We went when she had 3/4 teeth. Really it took 2 minutes, not much to look at! Just gave some advice re brushing, avoid milk before bed, low sugar diet etc

I had an appointment when he was around 2m old for myself, they let me register him then and booked us both appointments for 6m later. He had 1 tooth by then and has had another appointment since. Both times he sat on my lap and they tried to look but didn't push it if he got upset. They just gave advice and tried to get him used to being there. Have you tried to register him at your own? It's so rubbish how a lot of places aren't taking on new patients

We've just had our second appointment. The dentist didn't even touch him he just sat on my lap and she had a peek when she could to see which teeth he had, but it's about getting them used to it at this age

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