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I’m at the stage where I’m having to think about going back to work and how that might look. My full-time hours are 42.5 and I’m considering going back for 28 hours a week, over four days. I’d love to condense them to 3 but my role is office-based and my office is one hour away from my home address. I wouldn’t be able to drop baby at nursery/pick up if I were working longer hours over three days. I am going to propose four, 7hr days per week. With the stipulation that I can work one of those days at home (previously this hasn’t been an option) Ideally, I’d like to work Monday to Thursday, but I suspect with Fridays being a common day for staff to takeoff that request could be refused. Is there anything else you think I could be asking for? I am really concerned my requests will be refused. For context, I am the first person to ever go on maternity leave at my company, as standard staff do not work from home And historically, there has never been much flexibility when it comes to working hours
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Tuesday to Friday or Monday, Wednesday to Friday. Depends on what days meetings are for your team. Check your contract and company maternity leave policy. If no one works from home currently they have right to refuse.

@Sarnjeet hi we having 1 meeting on a Tuesday. There is no maternity policy in place. It’s only a small company x

Thank you @Sarnjeet

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