Are your hormones still regulating??? After a whole year

I STILL DONT get my period regularly and I also have these horrible hot flashes, my air has to be on 24/7 if not I will die 😭😭
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I haven't had a period at all yet. I did breastfeed and pump but I stopped that in March, and got back on my usual birth control in April. I have gained a pound every week since getting back on it. It's so frustrating.

I have been getting horrible hot flashes lately and my period is a guessing game it’s so unpredictable

It could be pcos!

After I stopped breastfeeding my son I started having 2 periods a month so it’s just lovely 🥴

@Justine I only spotted a bit. I weened at the end of nine months and stopped by 10 months completely. Period came back fully and irregular

@Jordan same.

I have PCOS & im still breast feeding but hoping to latch her off soon! Since I had her, I’ve still not gotten a period. Idk if I even will since I was always irregular 😭 I do cramp a lot though! And I always assume I MIGHT get a period, but never do😅

I have hot flashes a lot and definitely don’t feel 100% back to normal. I developed pp eczema on my scalp lol.. of all the things!! So that’s been awful and my hair is a different texture, way more frizzy

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