How do I get my 10 week old to nap or sleep for a few hours together at night
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my baby woke up every 2 hours for feeding . best tip is give him a big ole bottle, burp him then put him to sleep . that’ll give you about 3 hours 4 if you’re lucky

@lesci just about to say this lol

Thanks ladies. Do you use soothers?

Get a routine going. Sleep training at that age is pure luck lol you either have a baby who sleeps well or doesn’t. Try to get him/her up and active as much as possible during wake windows and at night making sure it’s dark, not turning on any lights even when they wake for a feeding. Using white noise and a night light or red light! Use a heating bad to heat up their bassinet so when you set them down they are warm (remove it before putting them in 😂) a good routine will definitely help! Play time, bath, bottle, book and set him down. My 9m old puts himself to sleep every single night and sleeps through the night, zero wake ups. It was hard getting him used to not being rocked or patted anymore!

You wait till they're about 10 years 🙃 in all seriousness, 10w old babies are biologically meant to wake up often. It's closer to 18m mark when they start sleeping longer

Thanks 😊 naps and all are just all over the place

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