Hey mamas, Could I see pictures of how you’re storing your little ones clothes. I have a LB, and I have T-shirts, long sleeved tops / vests, leggings, then I have tracksuits outfits, then his sleep suits etc. Just can’t get my head around how to organise my space!
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I have a changing table with 3 draws, the top draw has all muzzies, bibs, socks, tights ect in. The second draw has all kind of vests (long sleeve, short sleeve ect) and all cardigans (we’ve been given so many hand knitted ones so they take up loads of space) And the third draw has all babygrows, and leggings/top outfits. Then we have a wardrobe which has anything like dresses, jumpsuits, rompers hung up, and anything we have in next size up is hung up in the wardrobe also. My little one is currently fitting in both 0-3 and 3-6 clothes, we were given so much in 3-6 months so she has a lot atm, we haven’t got much clothes in sizes bigger than 3-6 xx

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