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Hey ladies. My 3 week old baby has 5oz of formula milk. He’s on Kendamil. My health visitor says he shouldn’t be on 5oz at this age but he screams every 3/4 hours for food. My health visitor is useless. Should I change his formula?
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Feed him as much as he wants. Babies tell you when they are and aren’t hungry anymore plus there would be a lot of signs of an over fed baby. My baby ate more than recommended from birth. Keep feeding him!

In my opinion it kinda evens out if he’s eating every 3-4 hours because my baby was eating 2 1/2 ounces every 2 hours at 3 weeks. Also my baby is on Kendamil as well.

When my LO was around this age they told me I was over feeding her aswell. She’s now almost 7 months old and stayed on 6oz every 3 hours for the last 4ish months. He won’t take it if he’s full so as long as he’s finishing the bottles keep giving it x

If he’s not spitting it all up after 5oz then I say got for it. If baby is hungry, by all means. My son was on Kendamil and he loved it!

I’m in the same situation! My baby has Cow&Gate but he’s the same with the amounts he’s having, he’s also 3 weeks. I try not to worry, if he needs feeding, he needs feeding! Don’t stress it mama Xx

I’d feed him more frequently with smaller portions. Babies that age have stomach sizes of 2-3 oz, and I don’t think it’s good to constantly stretch it to 5 oz

My little ones on kendamil and he was the same at that age. Told my HV and she said it was perfect. I told her if my baby’s hungry I’m gonna feed him. He’s now 10 weeks and has been taking 6oz every 3-4 hour since about 5 weeks and sleeps 7 hour stretches at night x

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