So straight to the point... I gave birth to my second baby 3 weeks ago. She is bald! It's so bad, wish I could share a picture. She has the hair shape of a boy. My first child 'a boy' came with plenty hair, so everyone around us has started comparing them and insinuating that my newborn girl is not as attractive as my son. Please, is there anything anyone can recommend that would make her bald spots grow fast. I love my baby girl so much but I also care about her looks. I'll be in the comments. Pls do not judge me 🙏🙏🙏 Thanks 🥺
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Get new people in your life. You have a literal newborn. Hair is the least of your worries. Really time is the only way her hair will grow in.

When my girl was born (my Jan 2023 baby), she lost a lot of hair too. Its completely normal. We laughed that she had a 70 year old man hair cut. Itll grow back. In the mean time...please get better people around you.

My girl was born with a full head if hair and then lost almost all of it except a weird section in the back, she looked rough! 😂😂 Now she's got pretty hair I can put up. When she was losing her hair I put these comfy stretchy bows on her when I took her out or had company. No one ever said anything other than how cute she was with or without a bow. I'd ask these people to stop comparing your babies and commenting on her looks.

Don't listen to those people, each baby is different and they are just perfect the way they are!!!

Now hair bands?

You can’t really make it grow faster especially if it’s lighter color hair my baby is 17 months and still doesn’t have enough to put into a ponytail. Nobody ever comments it in that way. Genuinely you shouldn’t be letting people do that and call them out! Sending with love 💕

My baby was born with hair and it all fell out. She was bald for a long time and I loved the bald head. Yes people called her “he” all the time but I thought the bald head was cute! You can always put on a headband bow if you are that worried about it

I second @Chrissy get new people in your life and move on.

You have bigger problems if people are saying your newborn BABY is less ATTRACTIVE than your other baby!! Not words that should be used to describe children imo 😳

Why do you even care about what people are saying? I'm sure your baby is beautiful and healthy and that's all that should matter.


You can make a knuckle sandwich to the people who made the stupid comments about your children. I'm sure they're not perfect themselves, judging a newborn is low.

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