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My son is just about 3 months old and has never liked tummy time. He has very good neck control but I'm getting concerned it will hinder his further development. He screams and cries basically the second I put him down. Any tips? Here's what I've tried: On my or dad's chest (occasionally works) Across the lap Straight on the floor (on a mat) Propped up with small pillow Propped up on a larger nursing pillow On the bed On the couch Rolled over from laying on back
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I’ve seen somewhere that best position for tummy time is basically trying to get baby elbows close to their body and fists sort of under their mouth, I’ve tried it with my girl few times and it seems to help her stay calm for a little bit longer xx

I use a little mirror with my baby to get her engaged and try to turn it into a game and as above, place the elbows close to there chest x

Contact tummy time my girl hates it too like she’ll be fine then one second she’s screaming but loves contact tummy time

Sit with your knees bent up and lean baby against your knees looking forward - worked like a charm for us!

Baby wearing also counts as Tummy time

My Little girl was the same way. We started using a water mat and she absolutely loved it. Turned tummy time around on us. I’ll now start her on the water mat then transition her to the floor halfway through with some black and white image cards and she will happily do 15-20 minutes of tummy time now

@Samantha Just ordered, thank you!!

Don't stress about it. My son hated tummy time would scream when we done it he's 2 and a half now and thriving ticking all his milestones

I play dancing fruits on an iPad infront of my daughter. We started doing this more when she was 8 weeks old and now she’s 3 months and actually enjoys tummy time! We just do it in her crib after every nap or before.

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