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Can anyone recommend me water bottles? Every single one I have bought she has either managed to break/leaks/struggles to use. Mainly the first two. Gave her a drink in the car in a flip up straw lid bottle and she was absolutely drenched through. Spent a fortune on all different ones to no avail 🙃
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We like munchkin cups.

Munchkin 360 for sure or open cup. Any bottles with straws or tears are actually not recommended for speech development at this age. ☺️

Camelbak, very sturdy and colourful!

@Danielle I've had these twice for her and they are great for not leaking and her being able to use etc but she somehow keeps breaking the clip that closes the straw away! 😄

@Cristina ooo I'll look these up thank you

I just get the cheapest ones cos my boy breaks them too currently got 4 from the factory shop for £1 each

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