clearblue vs frer

both have lines.. but clearblue is much lighter. anyone else? digital said no. *4w pp from stillbirth & tests are darkening again, confirming with bloodwork but it’ll be a few days before i get results*
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I’m so sorry to hear of your loss ♥️ First response is more sensitive than clear blue I believe as long as the lines are darkening that’s a good sign. The digital will need a lot more hCG to pick up a positive I would try that again in a few days. Good luck! Xx

@Georgie i thought I’d read somewhere they were comparable but i must be wrong! thank you! i’m curious to see what my bloodwork says!

Every brand will show up differently and it's probably too soon for a digital as they need more hcg I'm sorry that happened

Were you wanting to be pregnant again? Or are these getting lighter from the previous pregnancy? How far along were you when you had your still birth?

@Gabrielle were not upset about another pregnancy, just didn’t expect it to happen so quickly (i’ve had to use letrozole my last 3 pregnancies). they got lighter from what i assume was my stillbirth, but i didn’t start testing until this past weekend. i was 21w when we delivered, her heart stopped at 20+5 we think.

Gotcha. I mean after any birth you are very fertile and since you were very her along you definitely were fertile but you also had a wound from the placenta. So if you end up being pregnant congrats first but also just take it easy since this pregnancy would be so close after the other it could be a bit harder than the last or could be considered higher risk just form how close they are. Either way congratulations and praying that if you are pregnant that baby will be born full term and healthy!

@Gabrielle yes, my ob has already referred me to the high risk doctor & ran bloodwork! just waiting for results now!

Okay! Well good luck! So sorry to hear about your precious baby

Truly heart breaking to read OP. Sending all the wishes in the world. Please let us know how it goes. I hope this is a beautiful new chapter before. I do actually know of someone who fell pregnant after a 6 month loss and they caused again successfully very soon after. X

I'd wait a couple days and use your morning urine to take again at the blood results haven't come back. I'm sorry for your loss but if you are congratulations rainbow babies come pretty quick after a loss

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