Hi guys I am 32 +3 weeks pregnant. I am still working full time but struggling so much with work. I am starting to feel low in myself as baby is getting super heavy and painful now. Lots of pressure on my right hand side, I think he’s led with his back that side. Anyone else struggling with work and pregnancy?? Need some advice with what to do.
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Hi I’m 32+2 and work 13 hour shifts, I’m starting to struggle now too. I’m considering discussing with my manager about cutting my shifts in half. I finish at 34+5. Maybe discuss with your manager about cutting down your hours or starting maternity leave earlier if you’re in a position too? It’s definitely a struggle working and pregnant now, I hope you find something hat works for you xx

@Caitlin I am a nurse so same as you it’s 12 hour shifts. they have been very accommodating and I’ve come off night shifts but the standing and how demanding my job is can make it difficult. I do only have 2 and half weeks left at work but can’t see how I’m going to make it.

I am a HCA in elderly care! I feel you on the standing up constantly and demanding work! I have come off night shifts too. Is there any chance you could split your shifts into an early or late shifts?? Is there any chance you could take maternity leave earlier? Lots of my colleagues have suggested it to me as they see me waddling after rogue patients 😂

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