When did you baby first teeth come through

She's only 14weeks (3.5months) when did your baby's teeth cut? my son was 6m. I know they aren't thought just yet but they look like they could cut in next week or 2.
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Mines bottom 2 teeth didn't come in till 8 months and top 2 at 10 months

My daughter is 10 months old and still has no teeth. Not even signs of any trying to pop in

I don't see any teeth under the surface, my baby's gums look the same way at 1 year with no signs of the top teeth popping through yet

First at 15 weeks second at 18 weeks

First two at 12 weeks on the bottom. Next 2 on top were a few weeks later

@Hayley aww so early. I thought I was seeing things, but she has been so grumpy last 2 days bless her. X

My first got all 20 teeth between 4 months and 11 months old. It was teething HELL. And then the poor kid got an abscess at 13mo, felt so bad for him. My second was a bit later, I think 5/6mo and then he got them all by 18mo.

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