Is anyone else obsessed with vinted?🤣 Im actually addicted to it 😅
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I go through phases. Recently I haven’t really found much that I want. But tbf I am fussy and will only buy something when there’s multiple items from 1 seller as I refuse to pay £1 for an item and then £3 for delivery 😂 rather spend say £10 on multiple items and only £3 for delivery

@Jess I hadnt realised how bad its got til i realised ive bought christmas jarmas for my children like it isnt june 🤣🤣🤣

@Ebony-Rose meh I’ll be starting my Christmas shopping soon anyway. The joys of a Christmas Eve baby😂

@Jess Ive got like 20 nieces and nephews ill have to start soon 🤣

Me too xx

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