Linea nigra

For those of you who got one during pregnancy when did it start appearing and did it just get darker and darker or it just stayed the same? Just curious to see if I’ll get one or not! 26w and barely nothing yet
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it didn’t show until 36 weeks for me & disappeared a month or two after giving birth

Mine started very faint around 16 weeks. I'm about 18 now

Not till almost 30 weeks and it didn't ever really darken much. Mine was slightly darker then yours when I delivered.

I am starting to get one, it’s faint for now. I’m 25 weeks.

I'm 38 + 4 and haven't got one. Just a lot of stretch marks. And I mean, a lot xx

First baby I had it at 5 weeks pregnant and it got darker throughout and then took about 6 + months to fade. This one I only got it around 32+ weeks and it's very light.

Mine started faint and got darker, I've still got it now at 8 weeks postpartum and it's still quite dark. I had it with my first baby as well and actually really missed it when it eventually faded!

Around 12 weeks with my first, got pretty dark by the end. Started fading at 6 m PP by about half the darkness but I got pregnant 7m PP and it got darker again... Lol I'm 24 w now and I feel like it's getting lighter but who knows Not everyones gets one btw and it's less common in light skinned peoplem You can see a super faint line under your belly button

I got one midway through my first pregnancy. Im now 38w with my second and dont have it this time around

I'm not sure when I started getting it but I got one that runs practically from my panty line all the up to my breasts

Thank you for your answers ladies!! So interesting to see how much it varies from a woman to another, I’m curious to see if mine will darken later on or if I just won’t have one! Either way I’m happy I was just curious about it

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