It’s my party… and I’ll cry if I want to

Decided to throw myself a baby shower because, well, no one else was gonna do it. Organised the venue, paid for the food and drinks, ordered a cake. Even bought my own personalised cake topper and little games for the tables. Now, it’s come round to actually inviting people and quite a few of my friends can’t make it. In fact, it seems like it’ll be mostly my husband’s friends and family there. Kinda realising that throwing your own baby shower is a bit of a sad thing to do and feeling sorta bummed by it all now. I just wanted to feel a bit special because this pregnancy has been super hard. 😢 Man, I’m a hormonal wreck.
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One of the reason why I didn’t have one because nobody turned up

It still is special! Celebrate yourself and all the hardwork you’ve put in to growing your baby. Enjoy your cake, laugh at the games and if it is just your husband’s friends and family, let them celebrate yourself. Get some gorgeous pics of you and bump! Your new little family is what counts most now🤍

I agree with Caitlin. Celebrate yourself. You are doing an amazing thing and deserve to feel special. Maybe tell your friends how important it is for you, so if they could drop in to try. But if not just enjoy! You have people there that care about you and cake!

My first was basically filled with family I hadn’t seen in years and my mums friends because she and my sister organised it. I had maybe 2 friends there because no one else came. This time I’m not having one. Take the time to celebrate with the people who care enough to actually show up and try enjoy yourself regardless especially after all the effort you’ve put into it

I’m organising my own baby shower and I’m glad to be celebrating this blessing.

I threw my last one and organised it all! It was great fun I’m sure you’ll enjoy it xx

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