Does anyone work for the NHS?

And feel like they have been discriminated against whilst on maternity leave? Or does anyone work in NHS hr and can help me with a query on accrued annual leave?
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I work for the nhs and been told I’ll only get statutory annual leave while on mat leave. Also because I start my mat leave half way through a month I won’t get anything from that month.

@Jemma how long have you worked for them? Also, you should still get half normal pay and half SMP at the end of that month! Have you been giving a breakdown by your pay team?

I’ve been with them 18 months. I’ve not had my break down as yet and my mat leave starts on Monday x

@Jemma have you checked your contract? Mine had a table in it that stated whether you would qualify for SMP or OMP Unfortunately I was on an ftc which was due to end before I gave birth.. they extended my contract to cover my maternity leave but I’m not entitled to return to a job! I have accrued enough holiday to cover me until I find another job but they are now stating that this will only be paid at my base rate salary and not my total salary which all previous annual leave has been paid at so just wondered if anyone had experienced the same

Oh not sure if it’s different then because I’m on a permanent contract.

It will be because your contract ends at end of mat leave so then will just be basic rate because your out of a contract if that makes sense a nurse from my trust had a similar thing to you and I investigated for her and that was the answer from our trust. Which is shocking to be fair

@Emmz sorry, I don’t quite understand, I’m currently still in contact and all my annual leave has been accrued whilst within contract, my contract technically doesn’t end until 17th September this year but I am ending it early. If they choose to only pay basic rate whilst someone is on maternity leave is this not maternity discrimination?

You are entitled to any annual leave accrued whilst on Mat leave,Providing that dates requesting is approved by line manager .

I would ask your HR/od&people team to clarify why it would be basic pay and reasoning behind it. Are you part of a union?

@Allana confirmation of total annual leave accrued has been agreed but it’s the rate at which it’s being paid.. my contract states that my total salary consists of a base rate and what they call a retention bonus, these 2 combined make my total salary to which all annual leave prior to my maternity leave was paid at, they are now saying that all annual leave that I have accrued during maternity leave will only be paid at the base rate salary which works out at nearly £2 less an hour, over £550 less in total

@Emmz I’ve asked them to clarify but waiting for a response. I’m not part of a union but I did previously speak to maternity action, prior to handing in my notice to end my maternity, about this particular issue as I had a feeling they would try and pull something like this It’s not the first time they have messed up my wages/money and/or told me contradicting information

As far as I know in my case , should be paid as your usual annual leave as Mat leave is finished. You’ll need to get back on to them to really explain why there’s a discrepancy.

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