Gestation dates : natural only and second time mums

Would like to know if your second third baby or fourth came quicker shorter ect. My first was 42 induced so that doesn’t count. My second was 43+3 And I’m currently waiting on my third at 40+3 wondering if it’s most likely going to be another month off like my last time
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I'm surprised your doctor let you get past 43 even.

I had my babies at home. First came at exactly 41 weeks and 2nd came at 42 weeks.

My first came at 38w & 5d And my second came at 39w & 6d after having a membrane sweep the morning before and going into labor that same night. We had her in our arms the next day!

@Madison I hear this a lot and it’s sad and all I think back is …. I’m surprised you let your doctor control your bodily autonomy

@Destiny I realize you can ignore your doctors advice. I also realize that you can endanger your baby

Mine all came around the same date. 40+3, 40+5 (though I thought it was 40 exactly), and 40+1. All spontaneous but my first one I had induction meds and drama as he was transverse (laying sideways so not on the right position). That labour went for days 😭😭 But my second was 1.5hrs, and my third was 1hr. So I have babies quick when they’re in the right position apparently 😂 Last two were at home.

@Madison OBYNs and midwives endangered mother and baby more so because of their interventions. 6 babies are stillborn every day in Australia and the rise of c sections are astronomical. Please do your own research and don’t depend on a system to tell you how to birth when it is instead a very instinctive natural transformative process designed to empower you. Attending antenatal appointments is handing your authority of your bodily autonomy over to a practitioner to tell you what’s going on within your body. Something you should know yourself. Watch born at home and listen to Rachel Reed - YouTube. Or better join the sovereign birthing society and listen to their podcasts and educate yourself for your wellbeing and your babies. Hospitals are a business, businesses make money and the government doesn’t care about your wellbeing/safety you’re just a number in a system and they all they want is to get home on time so they’ll make it so you can’t do this or have that ect all for “you”.

When in fact it’s to protect their licences and make their working life easier. Read sovereign birthing books or better yet take courses on birthing physiology. Research what interventions harm your baby. They basically all do! They also give higher rates of ppd and can cause breastfeeding issues ect. I know women who have birthed 44,45,46 weeks healthy strong babies. Where as I know women who’ve gone in for inductions and ended up with c sections and dead babies. At the end of the day, death is apart of birth. Birth is apart of death. Death is apart of life. There no guarantee, but there is guarantee you can avoid birth trauma/ obstetric abuse.

My 1st was 40+4 & my 2nd was 40+3

First 39+5 second 39+6 both spontaneous labours ! Xxx

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